Perron Ventures Ltd. takes great pride in the health and safety of those involved with our company.  It is our commitment to you, to take great steps in making sure that we have current policies and procedures in place to create the safest and most efficient work environment possible. We are COR certified and in good standing with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and PICS to maintain our safety standard.

The policies we have in place to ensure this commitment are

  • Visitor Safety Policy
  • Company Safety Policy
  • Hazard Assessment and Management Policy
  • Investigation Policy
  • Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • Fire Prevention Policy
  • Maintenance Policy
  • Safety Training Policy
  • Environmental and Waste Management Policy
  • Management of Change Policy
  • Discipline Policy
  • Inspection Policy
Safety Policy Statement

Perron Ventures Ltd. is committed to an accident free workplace with the objective of protecting:

  1. The employees and subcontractors that work within the operations.
  2. The property and equipment used in the business process.
  3. The environment where work is being conducted.
  4. All visitors and customers that the company interacts with.

 To accomplish this objective the company will

  • comply with all Federal and Provincial statutes that are applicable.
  • train workers to ensure that they are competent to perform their tasks in a safe and proper manner
  • provide the necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for use and care.
  • investigate every accident promptly and thoroughly to determine the cause and prevent reoccurrence.
  • continually develop and enforce safety and health rules.

 The Health and Safety Program of our company is not static – as new technologies, training programs,  safe work procedures and legislative changes occur, the elements within our program will require and receive updates and further development.

Management will ensure that the proper equipment, training and procedures are in place. Employees are  responsible for following safe work procedures and to communicate unsafe work conditions whenever possible. By working together we can all enjoy the benefits of a safe workplace.